Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Creative Writing- The Antagonist

In creative writing-- the antagonist how bad should they be?

In my previous post, mentioned about the protagonist in a story and there is always an antagonist as well.  I mean life has nice people and miserable people so it is important to have them in stories so that the reader can really relate and perhaps cheer for the character.

You need to have your antagonist  a bit of a bully or worse otherwise, how can you discover what your protagonist strengths and weaknesses are.

The reason for the antagonist is to bring out the best in the character otherwise the story is flat and rather boring.

So, how mean, nasty, or vile do you make the antagonist?

Of course, everyone likes a happy ending so it all depends on the authors ending.

In my book,  Even Exchange Amy faces many challenges and her weaknesses and strengths are exposed. And her antagonist was a nasty so and so. I am sure many of you have met or experienced someone like him.  

Again, a nasty person to make the story interesting.

Have a Happy New Year to everyone.

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