Saturday, December 19, 2015

Would You Use Magic if You Could?

Would you use magic to get what you want if you could?

What if you could use magic to have whatever you want? Love, money, relationships etc.

Would it make you happy?
Would you be prepared for the consequences of your actions?

Cause and effect always play into our plans no matter whether they are for the good or bad.

In my story Even Exchange..this young woman used magic to get what she wanted with mixed results.

It's wonderful to imagine what you would do if you had magic to work with?
What would you do if you had magic to do with what you wanted?

I guess it's safer to get lost in a story involving magic than actually using it. Can you imagine the trouble some people would have especially if it were misused?

Thank goodness for our imagination...we can read and peek at what the characters in a story are doing and remove ourselves when we are done!

No harm just entertainment!

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